About Green Directory Indonesia

What Is Green Directory Indonesia?

Green Directory Indonesia is an information resource directory for green products and services requirement. The primary objective of Green Directory Indonesia is in connecting sustainable products and services to conscientious consument, clients, developers and profesional.

Why Green Directory Indonesia?

 With an energing global recognition of the importance and urgency for green product to be environmentally compliant, GPCI, as the lead green product NGO in Indonesia, aspires to establish the products and service for the following reasons :

1. To be re ective/sensitive of Indonesian needs

2. To have speci c standards to support the Green product & service Index

3. To enable consumers to easily nd Green products & service

4. To encourage suppliers and manufacturers to produce more eco-friendly products and service

Along with the growth of Indonesia's economic & business, the market's need towards green product & green service continues to rise. GDI (Green Directory Indonesia) was founded to cover the need for quick information and wide network as the foundation of business in this time period and continues to make many headways, enriching and expanding green knowledge in Indonesia needs. GDI communicates it self as the center for information, education and development in green product in Indonesia and socialize and adjust global issues, trends, developments and current informations into the point of view and culture of Indonesia.