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Mengapa Green

Our construction gaskets are produced using Santoprene® TPV. Santoprene® TPV gaskets have a lower...




Mengapa Green

Our construction gaskets are produced using Santoprene® TPV. Santoprene® TPV gaskets have a lower CO2 foot print compared to EPDM gaskets as they are lighter, use lower energy to produce, and production waste are fully recycled to reproduce new parts.

Our gaskets deliver outstanding sealing performance over a longer period of time. This allows for more effective indoor temperature control while using less electricity.

Upon reaching product end-of-life, our gaskets can again be recycled for use in other applications, completing the circular economy.


Fitur Produk


  • Delivers outstanding sealing performance over an extended period of time, with no need for maintenance or replacement.
  • Excellent resistance to UV and weathering.
  • Colourable to meet aesthetic requirements.
  • Good processability and easily recyclable.
  • Able to coextrude with PP/ PE for easy gasket installation.
  • Compatible with water-based paint.



Our construction gaskets are produced using the following Santoprene® TPV grades:


  • 101-80 (Black for setting block and expansion joint)
  • 101-80 and 87 ECO-R (Products that contain minimum 15% post-industrial or post-consumer recycled          materials while still maintaining consistency, quality and performance)
  • 121-xx (Black, Improved UV Stability)

  • 121-xxW175 (58A-80A, Black for window profile)

  • 121-xxM100 (50A-85A, Black, Improved processability & Aesthetics)

  • 121-xxM200 (60A-75A, Black, Superior processability & Aesthetics)

  • 121-50E500 (Black, Tailored for Robotic Extrusion)

  • HR121-60E400 (Black, High Resilience TPV, High Elastic recovery, Very Low Compression set for Static & Dynamic sealing)

  • 121-79W233 (Black, Co-Extrusion onto EPDM Rubber)

  • 123-40 (Black, Improved UV Stability)

  • 123-52W242 (Black, Slip-coat grade for Low COF surface)

  • 151-70W256 (Black, Flame Retardant-UL5VA & UV Resistance)

  • 251-xxW232 (70A-92A, Natural, Flame Retardant, UL94 V-0 rated)

  • 591-xxW175(56A-80A, Black, for window profile)

  • 621-65W175 (Natural with enhanced UV resistance for window profile)

  • 691-xxW175 (65A-73A, Natural for window profile)

  • 8201-50W185 (Natural, Improved Compression set, non-hygroscopic, Meets ASTM 477 Low head for pipe seal application)

  • 8201-90 (Natural, non-hygroscopic, and Chemical resistance)

  • 8221-xx (60A-70A, Natural, Excellent colorability)

  • 8291-85TL (Natural, Bond to Metal, Fabrics & Nylon, use as Tie-Layer e.g. Auto Belt Line Seals)




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