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Why is the Product Green?

Crypton is super-soft, breathable, stain resistant fabric and virtually indestructible. Because Crypton’s performance
is integrated...




Why is the Product Green?

Crypton is super-soft, breathable, stain resistant fabric and virtually indestructible. Because Crypton’s performance
is integrated into every fiber (unlike applied coatings, topical treatments or laminates), Crypton’s environmentally
friendly patented process is engineered right into the fabric, encapsulating every fiber. This prevents
moisture, bacteria and stains from ever entering into fibers’
and also allows foreign substances to be easily removed from between the fibers pores, which is why most stains
can simply be wiped away. The result is a performance fabric from the fibers up. Take Crypton’s amazing technology
and add the permanent moisture barrier, and you get an upholstery fabric that gives you absolute confidence.
With Crypton’s five-year warranty, you are guaranteed that no spills, stains, fluid or bacteria will ever penetrate
this upholstery fabric. Crypton Super Fabrics guarantee the greenest, cleanest approach to performance
fabrics in the market today. Using its patented technology for 15 years in the world of contract, healthcare and
hospitality upholstery design, the incredibly durable and cleanable Crypton permanently stands up to moisture,
stains, odors and bacteria. Crypton’s mess-free, stress-free fabric makes its way into the
consumer market in 2008. With a growing collection of new and innovative products, Crypton Super Fabrics
empower everyone with the freedom to Live Clean™

Product Features

Five Things About Crypton Super Fabrics
1) Crypton is moisture, stain, odor and bacteria resistant.
2) Each fiber of a Crypton Fabric is encapsulated to resist stains and bacteria and Crypton’s moisture barrier is
integrated into the fabric, ensuring permanent protection.
3) Crypton is engineered to be extremely easy to clean, allowing spots and spills to be easily removed.
4) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Approved. Crypton is the first and only fabric approved by the EPA
proven to be disinfected. When Crypton’s Disinfectant and deodorizer is used on Crypton Super fabric, you have
disinfected the fabric system.
5) All CRYPTON FABRIC ARE ENVIRONMENTALLY PREFERABLE. Crypton is produced in a world class manufacturing
operation. Crypton is committed to a green and will be incorporating Crypton’s optimized


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