Why is the Product Green?

- Our product uses only processed wood material from HTI.
- All material that we...




Why is the Product Green?

- Our product uses only processed wood material from HTI.
- All material that we used is recyclable.
- Long lasting of the products ensure the minimum waste to the environment.
- Factory and the production process comply with integrated ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environmental), and
BS OHSAS 18001 (safety).

Product Features

- WorkX2 is a panel base system with maximum flexibility to match all sort of configuration, with IS MRC 4 reconfiguration
capabilities, horizontal and vertical.
- WorkX2 developed in to a system of standardized parts which allow to be reconfigured in both form and function
to demand the changes in business direction.
- Precision aluminium frame provide a strong foundation for workspace planning, long lasting performance and
get light in weight.
- An intelligent highly configurable tile based panel system; designed with flexibilities to meet evolving workspace
& meeting design requirement of any work place.
- A lot of accessories offer in this series to upgrade aesthetic point and function of workstation.
- Panel / tile are easily installed, removed, & reconfigured.
- WorkX2 Panel / Tile made from MDF and covered with high quality upholstered material to ensure strength,
excellent sound absorbent material as need in the workplace.
- Capable to meet wide range of today office requirements : traditional, free standing, 120 degree configuration,
collaborative configuration, enclosed private offices
- Three power & data access positions: above the floor (skirting), below, and above table top

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Environmental Category of the Product & Life Cycle Environmental Product :
Material : This is a stage where interim products including materials and components are manufactured. Such interim products and their designs are intended for environmental
impact reduction.
Design : In this step, designs and materials are carefully selected for product manufacturing, including environmentally compatible designs.
Production : Products are manufactured in this step using materials and components. This step includes products that help reduce environmental impact during the manufacturing