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Environmentally Friendly carpets

Why is the Product Green?

Decora Jaya Indonesia is keenly focused on supplying products that are environmentally friendly. We have




Why is the Product Green?

Decora Jaya Indonesia is keenly focused on supplying products that are environmentally friendly. We have
achieved this by only supporting manufactures who actively participate in practicing various environmentally
friendly manufacturing techniques. Our products such as Mannington, Seeyes and VoxFlooring mainly come
from factories that focused on reducing energy use and increasing energy use from renewable sources and reducing
greenhouse gasfootprint. Many of these factories are equipped with Solar Arrays and some of up to 3.3
acres of solarpanels to generate over 1,000,000 KWh of clean energy. Some factories go as far as to invest in
high efficiency cogeneration systems to generate electricity for plants and offices. These selected manufactures
have also dedicated to reducing Green House Gas emissions intensity. Over the last 10 years or so they have
managed a reduction ranging between 20 and 25 percent and arecapable of avoiding of up to 4,239 tons of
C02 emissions annually. Conservation also plays an important role in environmental care and our factories have
managed to doso with the wise use of energy water and care for the habitat surrounding the manufacturing
facilities. This continues with the smarter use and reuse of materials to help them become a Net User of Waste.
Through such programs our manufacturer’s area able to divert the waste stream by recycling postconsumer carpet
tile into new carpet backing. Through improved dyeing methodologies for our carpet products , respective
manufactures have also been able to reduce water consumption of up to 35 percent over the period of 4 years

Product Features

Decora Jaya Indonesia strives to deliver the best quality Carpet products to the customer imported from bona fied
manufacturers all over the world. We also provide a variety of products of different price rangeswithout sacrificing
product performance. Our products are made from the Highest grade of Yarn, which is Antron Lumena Nylon
6.6, making them highly durable to traffic and resistant to direct sun light. Our Hand Tufted carpets (RUGS) are
equally well manufactured from high grade wool and other materialssuch as Acrylic if required. We also give good
recommendations for carpet to use and suitability for different areas. Aside from our carpet products, we also
provide Wallpapers, Vinyl and various other interior products making us a one stop shop for many of your needs.

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Environmental Category of the Product & Life Cycle Environmental Product :
Design : In this step, designs and materials are carefully selected for product manufacturing, including environmentally compatible designs.
Material : This is a stage where interim products including materials and components are manufactured. Such interim products and their designs are intended for environmental
impact reduction.
End of life : In this step, products are disposed of and recycled. Included in this step are products that contribute to the reduction of final disposal volumes and can be
disassembled, are easily reusable, easily recyclable, and compatible with well-established recycling systems.