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Why is the Product Green?

Schindler elevators are built to be highly efficient in every respect: be it in performance,...




Why is the Product Green?

Schindler elevators are built to be highly efficient in every respect: be it in performance, space or energy usage.
From the first steps of development, to smart material use in production, to optimizing energy consumption
during utilization, Schindler is securing ecologically sound solutions today and for the future.

Product Features

1. Drive :
- Green gearless machine for smooth ride quality
- Efficient motor enabling a direct power transfer, avoiding loss of power
- Stable start without high peak current, quickly reaching a low energy consumption level
- Frequency converter equipped with stand-by power mode
- Environmentally as no oil needed for lubrication
- Compact, light weight and durable design that optimizes material usage.
2. Control :
- System switches car lights & ventilation into standby mode when not in use
- Car panel & floor indicators operate with low power LEDs
- Multi-bus control
- Smart operation, down collective & selective collective controls for efficient passenger transpor
3. Car & Hoistway
- Car lighting equipped with energy saving lamps
- Central guiding system reduces mechanical friction & energy consumption
- Door drive with standby mode for safety & energy conservation
- Machine roomless and Eco-effective design allows for more space in the same shaft and save
construction resources
- Lead free counterweight
4. Schindler’s Traction Media
The traction pulley for steel ropes is replaced by only 85mm traction shaft. This requires much smaller motors. A
design that saves valuable space in the shaft.


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Design : In this step, designs and materials are carefully selected for product manufacturing, including environmentally compatible designs.
Environmental Category of the Product & Life Cycle Environmental Product :
Use repair : In this step, products are used by consumers and maintenance and repairs are carried out. This step includes consideration of energy saving and environmental
clean-up as well as for prolonging product life by repairs and product life improvement.