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Why is the Product Green?

JUNG KNX system helps buildings and homes to achieve maximum energy efficiency, from the savings...




Why is the Product Green?

JUNG KNX system helps buildings and homes to achieve maximum energy efficiency, from the savings and environmental
points of view, without neglecting the comfort and health of the inhabitants. It provides complete
control on essential services like HVAC, lighting, window shading, pumps, as well as on modern facilities such as
security, home entertainment, surveillance cameras,
etc, and prolongs the lifespan and maintenance of these functions. Coupled with smart metering, JUNG KNX
system can read energy data, report and act on it accordingly, as well as share the data across different systems.
It can directly or indirectly influence the attainment of building sustainability, water efficiency, optimal energy
efficiency, environmental protection, as well as material and resource efficiency. Moreover, JUNG KNX system
provides innovative product to improve the indoor environmental quality.

Product Features

JUNG KNX system is the perfect solution to attain energy efficiency in buildings and homes. It is a de-centralised
system that consists of a wide range of actuators and gateways which can control facilities like heating, ventilation
and air-conditioned systems (HVAC), lights, blinds/shutter, alarm and security systems, water pumps,
motors and other loads, multi-media systems, building or room access systems, surveillance cameras, intercom,
etc. The system also has a wide range of sensors for temperature, motion and presence detections, brightness,
air humidity, weather elements such
as rain, wind and dew, glass shatter, break/make contacts, carbon dioxide concentration etc. JUNG KNX system
integrates the facilities and sensory information such that all devices can communicate with each other via the
common KNX protocol, and creates an automated and intelligent system to achieve a maximum degree of flexibility
and comfort but with maximum savings on energy usage


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clean-up as well as for prolonging product life by repairs and product life improvement.
Design : In this step, designs and materials are carefully selected for product manufacturing, including environmentally compatible designs.
Production : Products are manufactured in this step using materials and components. This step includes products that help reduce environmental impact during the Others