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Why is the Product Green?

Knauf Gypsumboard is the ideal surface for all walls because it has the same ph...




Why is the Product Green?

Knauf Gypsumboard is the ideal surface for all walls because it has the same ph value And the same thermal conductivity
as the human skin. Gypsum is 100% mineral and completely free of any material that could impair the
sense of well-being. Gypsum may come into contact the skin without any problems. Gypsum is used both in the
field of medicine for the setting of broken bones and in dental technology too . No wonder tradesmen love using
Knauf gypsum building material for interior fittings because they are not obligated to use any type of protective
equipment in order to complete their tasks Gypsum building materials always feel warm. That feeling does not
deceive you-plester has a very low level of heat conductivity and gypsum building materials on interior walls
retain the warmth within the house.
The art of life is based upon inner balanced. The secret of a well-adjusted indoor climate is above all,based on a
balanced level of humidity. And nature provides us with gypsum as the ideal water manager,capable of storing
plenty of indoor humidity in its open,crystalline pores.
Gypsum building materials automatically release this humidity if the room becomes too dry. This ecological air
conditioning system works as often as necessary and uses absolutely no energy

Product Features

- Non-absetos,safe for indoor application
- Lightweight-density Approx 700kg/m3
- Non combustible ,fire safe
- Flexible design ,can be curved and easy to handle.
- Saving time on application


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