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USG Boral Heatstop Plasterboard

Why is the Product Green?

USG Boral Heatstop is using the same technology with Jayaboard® sheetrock® plasterboard with additional




Why is the Product Green?

USG Boral Heatstop is using the same technology with Jayaboard® sheetrock® plasterboard with additional
metalized film at back that help to get Thermal or heat resistance performance of plasterboard walls and ceilings
application. Manufactured from sustainable resources and recycled materials, Lightweight plasterboard
construction has low embodied energy per sqm of surface area when compared to heavyweight construction,
Plasterboard is a ‘healthy’ building material contributing to an enhanced indoor air quality, The use of lightweight
plasterboard building systems allows reduction in the size of footings thus minimizing disturbance to
the subsoil and environmental impact on the building site, Plasterboard walls allow the building to respond
more quickly to mechanical heating and cooling, Non load-bearing plasterboard walls can be easily removed
or relocated to allow for changes in the building occupancy, Plasterboard walls can be easily repaired when
dented or scraped.

Product Features

USG Boral Heatstop have premium quality of Jayaboard® sheetrock® with additional metalized film at backside
of the board which hold and reflect heat from the sun when applied as ceiling. Perform at minimum 86%(as certified
by JIS R3 106) reflected back the heat result from the hot temperature exposure of sun will improve room
temperature control, so with the right design, the room became more comfortable because the heat from the
outside can be minimized. The metalized film also can hold water vapor condensation so that the inside of the
wall partition remains dry and comfortable, while for the long term use also help effectiveness & efficiency of AC
energy used for air conditioning.

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