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Why is the Product Green?

Ultrachem® Waterproofing Series is a series of waterproofing products which prevent water from penetrating




Why is the Product Green?

Ultrachem® Waterproofing Series is a series of waterproofing products which prevent water from penetrating
the concrete layer below them. Our waterproofing technology comes in the form of powder, liquid, and membrane-
layer. These materials will improve the concrete’s durability and strength as well as avoid corrosions due to
water penetration. In line with our ambition to make the construction industry more sustainable and eco-friendly,
our waterproofing applications are more than safe to be used in different areas and living conditions. Once our
products are applied, it will last for many years without further enhancement, thus saving more energy and raw
material consumption. In order to reduce greenhouse gasses, our team has always been aware of the emission
output throughout the production process. Our product’s performance has been proven in various construction
projects around Indonesia. From roof to basement, our high-quality waterproofing products are the perfect allaround
solutions to your construction problems.

Product Features

Ultrachem® Waterproofing Series are local products which have been used in more than 800 projects around
Indonesia since 2000. Ultrachem® has produced 28 different waterproofing products based on their material and
applications, including membrane, cement-based, crystalline, waterstop, etc. Known for its strength, flexibility,
and workability, our waterproofing solutions are suitable in different areas (bathroom, roof, wall, basement, pool)
that are directly or indirectly in contact with water.
The features of our waterproofing products are as following:
Ultrachem® Membrane Waterproofing is applied by torching or adhering an impermeable layer to coat the concrete
surface. It is mainly applied in rooftops. Ultrachem® Cement-Based Waterproofing is used to cover concrete
surfaces in areas which water flows and holds. Ultrachem® Crystalline Waterproofing works by condensing and
closing big pores/gaps inside the concrete. Ultrachem® Waterstop swells and expands whenever it is in contact
with water. It will block water in joint gaps between concretes.


Environmental Category of the Product & Life Cycle Environmental Product :

Design : In this step, designs and materials are carefully selected for product manufacturing, including environmentally compatible designs.

End-of-life : In this step, products are disposed of and recycled. Included in this step are products
that contribute to the reduction of final disposal volumes and can be disassembled, are easily reusable,
easily recyclable, and compatible with well-established recycling systems.





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