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Why is the Product Green?

1. High durability (long usage life, don’t need often recontruction which saves a lot resources...




Why is the Product Green?

1. High durability (long usage life, don’t need often recontruction which saves a lot resources such as cement,
and, water, electricity, etc).
2. Anti-dust (prevents the concrete layer from falling off)
3. Anti-corrosive (protects the floor from damaging chemicals or any liquid drops)
4. Low maintenance (don’t need chemical cleaning liquid and use less amount of water because the produtcts
is easy to clean up)
5. Low VOC level (as shown in the inspection tes conducted by professional Coatings and Pigment Quality In
spection Center of Petroleum and Chemical Industry)
6. Toxic-free (as tested by shanghai City Disease Prevention and Control)

Product Features

Consisted of 3 layers, the premiere bonded the surface of concrete to expoxy very well to prevent peeling of ,
the middle layer supports the durability, and the finishing layer gives the flawless look and fell, long lasting gloss,
and easy to clean surface. All those layers highly protects the floor (concrete) from damage, either from heavy
duty or heavy wear, corrosion, and abrasion.


PT.Zhengou JKT Indonesia

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Environmental Category of the Product :

Long life : With long-life designs, enhanced durability, and continued performance with repairs and maintenance, product life can be prolonged, leading to the reduction
of raw materials and waste.
High quality : Product quality and performance improvements enable environmental impact reduction, subsequently leading to material and waste reduction.

Life Cycle Environmental Product :

End of life : In this step, products are disposed of and recycled. Included in this step are products that contribute to the reduction of final disposal volumes and can be
disassembled, are easily reusable, easily recyclable, and compatible with well-established recycling systems

Design : In this step, designs and materials are carefully selected for product manufacturing, including environmentally compatible designs

Use/repair : In this step, products are used by consumers and maintenance and repairs are carried out. This step includes consideration of energy saving and environmental
clean-up as well as for prolonging product life by repairs and product life improvement.