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Why is the Product Green?

The exclusive “permanent active casing” was invented by Desjoyaux. It is a structure composed of...




Why is the Product Green?

The exclusive “permanent active casing” was invented by Desjoyaux. It is a structure composed of 0.25 m components which is
injection-moulded in recycled high density polypropylene for added environmental friendliness. The Surface-mounted pipe-less
filtration with zero headloss due to its within-the-pool circulation enables us to avoid backwash and dump the chemically treated
water into the nature. Result, no waste water is drained off, making the filtration process more environmental friendly. The Pump
itself consumes less electricity therefore saving energy

Product Features

STRUCTURE : The Permanent Active Casing
• Invented, patented and produced exclusively
by Desjoyaux
• Can be assembled in any shape and size
• Free-standing structure
• Rot-proof and environmentally friendly
(recycled material)
• ensures the pool’s solidity through the
alliance of techniques for transforming
plastic and concrete, so as to make a
monolithically structure
• Sturdy polypropylene combined with
• Resistant to ground movements
• Installation certified by Bureau Veritas
• Manufacture and installation guaranteed for
10 years
FILTRATION : The Filtration Unit
• Invented, patented and produced
exclusively by Desjoyaux
• No pump room, no underground piping, no
balance tank
• No risk of leak
• Easy upkeep and maintenance
• No back-wash, etc,
• Cost Saving (Low power electrical
• Quick installation
• Filtration of 15 and 6 micron
• Turbo Pump Option ( Cross – current
• Hydrotherapy / Massage


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Environmental Category of the Product & Life Cycle Environmental Product :
Material : This is a stage where interim products including materials and components are manufactured. Such interim products and their designs are intended for environmental
impact reduction.
Use repair : In this step, products are used by consumers and maintenance and repairs are carried out. This step includes consideration of energy saving and environmental
clean-up as well as for prolonging product life by repairs and product life improvement.
Design : In this step, designs and materials are carefully selected for product manufacturing, including environmentally compatible designs.
End of life : In this step, products are disposed of and recycled. Included in this step are products that contribute to the reduction of final disposal volumes and can be
disassembled, are easily reusable, easily recyclable, and compatible with well-established recycling systems.