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Energy Recovery Ventilator RecoupAerator

Why is the Product Green?

Energy Recovery Ventilator RecoupAerator is designed to bring fresh, filtered air into your home or...




Why is the Product Green?

Energy Recovery Ventilator RecoupAerator is designed to bring fresh, filtered air into your home or business while simultaneously
exhausting stale air. ERV RecoupAerator captures temperature andmoisture (humidity) from the stale, outgoing air and transfers
it to the incoming air stream. Every two hours or so, while maintaining desired temperature and humidity indoor, ERV RecoupAerator
will exchanges all the air in your building. No matter when, your building is comfortable, clean andfresh smelling. ERV
RecoupAerator will leave you safe and ensure you can breathe fresh clean air at all time.ERV RecoupAerator has been tested to
Passive House requirements and qualifies to their standard for Passive House Ventilation with results of :
- Heat recovery efficiency 96%
- Electric efficiency 0.72 watt/cfm
- Efficiency humidity recovery 43%
- Exceed a standard filtration level of F6/F& (ERV RecoupAerator uses MERV12 filter)
- Built only with high efficiency EC motors
ERV RecoupAerator is providing benefits of balanced ventilation system, including improved indoor air quality, improved micro-
environment comfort, improved health, lower utility bills and improved\resale position. ERV RecoupAerator has been included
in so many award winning buildings for its energy efficiency benefit and clean and green advantages. Some of the awards include
Metro- Housing Retrofit Award, Below Zero Energy Award, First Passive Hose Retrofit Award, LEED Platinum, Excellence in Design
Award – Sustainable Home Magazine, Ecologically Advanced HouseAward, ECOFutures Building Remodel Award, Maximum
Energy Tax Credit, ED + C’s Excellence inDesign Award and many more.

Product Features

ERV RecoupAerator patented features and
benefits include :
- Automatic self balancing
- Whole house air exchanger
- Energy efficient EC DC motors
- 96% heat recovery efficiency
- 95% filtration at 1.8 microns (MERV12)
- Up to 75% moisture transfer capability
- PressureGuard feature that senses
and adjusts for elevations in CO2
- EconoCool feature that brings in cool,
filtered night air whenever possible
- Compatible with many IAQ monitors
and fans
- Variable speed available
- Quite operation even during full speed
- Low and easy maintenance (washable fil
- Exceeds ASHRAE 62.2 ventilation
- No drain required
- Permanently lubricated ball bearings
- Filter service indicator
- Fully insulated, no condensation
- Multiple mounting options to provide ease
of installation
- 5 year warranty of award winning design

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